Wednesday, October 15, 2008

outline lesson 3,

In This lesson we are doing 3 diamond motif i.e. 3 squares joined together.

points to remember: Points)

STEP 1:The 1st picture is bit blurry.. but hold the hoop keeping single diamond on top and 2 squares at the bottom and start from left side of the top square.

after the straight line at the top square.. come to the rightmost square in the bottom 2 squares. and after the prick pass the needle under the thread.

STEP 3:prick at the corner of the rightmost SQ. .. n pass the needle under the thread .

STEP 4: last prick to the right SQ.. n pass needle under ... going directly to the leftmost SQ on the bottom.

STEP 5: prick on left side top side of the SQ pass needle under.. going down.

STEP 6:Prick at the corner.. pass needle under

STEP 7& 8: last prick at the corner of the right SQ .. pass needle under..over the next thread intersection and under at the starting point to finish.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

some designs