Thursday, October 9, 2014

kutch work on a synthetic saree

Kutch work on a synthetic saree

I wonder why I was not blogging in the last few years?! Whereas, I have been working on one or the  other embroidery work... like  this saree, a salwar kameez for myself, bedshert,(posting shortly)Some stitching etc..
Though I had sufficient craft work to post I regret I have not been posting... but not delaying any more! Here is one of my works done in the previous years!
Talking about this saree,
  I did kutch work on pink colour synthetic saree with magenta colour silken thread. This  one is for my mother:)
I chose this particular motif for three reasons,
1) this was the latest motif at that point of time
2) this motif has easy to do kutch work which goes very fast while working on it
3) does not need  too much of other embroidery work  other than kutch work.

 The saree has total of 15  such motifs show n in the first picture and small diamond motifs in between.
I remember I did this one in 2006 during my stay in the USA to utilise my free time.  However do not exactly remember the time spent working on it.
Pallu of the saree
A close up of the motifs in the body of saree

Another closeup view

 View of Reverse side of the work done

Along with kutch work, stem stitch and herring bone stitch also called as kashmiri stitch are used.
Has this been inspiring enough to pick the needle and start working on a saree for yourselves!?
If so,  I feel thankful for visiting this post . 
Cheers :) 
Happy embroidering!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

kutch work bedsheet

Hello friends .I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything related to kutch work in this blog.I call this second kutchwork bed sheet as this is the second one I have done.. and yet to post the pictures of the first bed sheet .
I had been working on this kutch work bedsheet in the last month... it took about 35 hours to complete the bedsheet which has this beautiful motif in the centre  along with diamond motifs all over the body.
Here is a closeup of the center motif

Here is the  close  of the diamond motif

This is the view of the complete bed sheet

A total of 30 diamond motifs  in kutch work along with the center kutch work motif took about 35 hours ... which gave me immence peace of mind and joy  while working on it.
Along with kutch work,  button hole stitch, stem stitch and herring bone stitch has been done in the center motif!

What do you think of it?