Wednesday, October 15, 2008

outline lesson 3,

In This lesson we are doing 3 diamond motif i.e. 3 squares joined together.

points to remember: Points)

STEP 1:The 1st picture is bit blurry.. but hold the hoop keeping single diamond on top and 2 squares at the bottom and start from left side of the top square.

after the straight line at the top square.. come to the rightmost square in the bottom 2 squares. and after the prick pass the needle under the thread.

STEP 3:prick at the corner of the rightmost SQ. .. n pass the needle under the thread .

STEP 4: last prick to the right SQ.. n pass needle under ... going directly to the leftmost SQ on the bottom.

STEP 5: prick on left side top side of the SQ pass needle under.. going down.

STEP 6:Prick at the corner.. pass needle under

STEP 7& 8: last prick at the corner of the right SQ .. pass needle under..over the next thread intersection and under at the starting point to finish.


  1. 3 diamond filling bagge helilla neenu vidya...please can u post that and one more thing ondu 1 or 3 or 5 diamond mugida mele next 1 or 3 or 5 diamondge hogodu hege anta swlpapost madtira......plz
    thank u........

  2. oh.. sure 3 diamond filling will be posted shortly.
    1/3/5 diamond ge hogalu.. outline lessons mele clock maadi .. eillave see all the posts .. select whichever u want and start.If any doubts pl leave a comment will get back to u.

  3. hello vidya,,,how can i follow ur blog???