Tuesday, September 30, 2008

kutchwork filling lesson 2

we are doing 5 diamond motif
points to remember:
Filling basics(refer to 6 basic points in outline lesson 1)
STEP 1&2 start from left, count in filling is (D,U,D) so pic 1 pass orange outline,pic2work on the outline.
STEP3&4 pass under orange turn and pass in center diamond
STEP5 &6 from center to top,fill the top diamond working on outline in anticlokwise way
STEP 7&8
under orange
over green
STEP 9 &10 in pic 10... needle goes,counting D,U,D,U and enters center diamond.
STEP 11&12 in the same way work the Right diamond and enter center diamond to go to Lower diamond
STEP 13&14 after working Lower diamond,pass the center diamond counting D,U,D,U & enter Left one
STEP 15&16 Last 2 steps before finishing


  1. hi Vidya. do you have sindhi embroidery designs of bed cover. i know this embroidery but i don't find any design in this sindhi pattern. please....

  2. Hello mallu.
    thanks for visiting my blog.I do have some designs stored in my system ... yet to post in my blog. you can visit indusladies crafft forum n might find some nice kutchwork designs. cheers!

  3. www.handcreationsofmythili.blogspot.comMarch 4, 2011 at 12:01 AM

    Dear Vidya,

    Very Very nice works...... Indeed useful.