Sunday, September 28, 2008

kutchwork filling lesson no 2

this is continuation of lesson 1 outline.
you learn filling of a single diamond.
Two important points to remember,
1 filling always starts from left on the outline running anticlockwise.
2 in filling the count is down,up,down(needle passes down ,up,down at intersection of threads).
one point to cross check is.............
outline never touches fabric except at the beginning and end points. It is worked on the outline or skeleton .or else ... your outline work has gone somewhere.
STEP 1 & 2:
start from left as in pic..1
first count in filling is D,U,D... so needle is passed under the first intersection.

step 3: down i.sec 1, up i.sec. 2 and work in the outline to turn.

the first line... u see 3 intersection of threads... and might go under the 3rd i.sec...

but wait... ..... just follow the step in picture 5 . work on the outline .
STEP 6 & 7:needle under the 1st intersection and work on outline to turn

STEP 8 & 9:
pic 8 u see 4 intersections... count D,U,D,U.
pic 9 work on out line to turn.

Step 10: end at the starting did not touch the fabric :-)

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