Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Angel arrives

An angel arrives :)

I have not been blogging for the last 3-4 years.I know it's a long, long time ..... and I kept wondering what kept me away! There are a few good reasons but not sufficient enough to  be away for sooo long I feel.

one of the reasons was..
.my new home was being constructed it ( in which we have settled for the last 2 + years.)took about year and a half..
An Angel has arrived into our family.. :)
Yes after moving to our new Home.. there was a Good news ...and My elder daughter Prachi became proud sister to a cute little baby girl.. Shripriya.. who is already a year plus old now. She keeps me on my toes...It has been a very happy journey these days and the angel has definitely brought a lot of fun ,joy,n merriment into our lives!
here is a picture of shripriya  on the back ground you can see the kutch work bed sheet .

Prachi and shripriya


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