Tuesday, September 16, 2014


As I  have already mentioned in my profile , that I dedicate these two blogs of mine to my mother smt Veena Gadagkar and  a very close friend of hers smt Megha D Marathe,I thought of publishing a pictures of them who have been friends for nearly forty (40) years now.

Smt Marathe is has conducted needle work classes in Muddebihal,Karnataka state for the last 35+ years and currently residing with her son Kedar in Bijapur. She is an institution of the needle works and crafts. She has a huge I really mean a very huge collection of hand embroidery and kutch work designs of all different sizes.She uses pinhole method to trace the designs .. which she later taught to my mother and thus I learnt from my mother.
Smt Marathe is very good at fabric painting,soft doll making,sewing,all types of hand embroidery like Karnataki kasuti,cross stitch, moti takka,machine embroidery,knitting,tatting, crochet,ribbon work,ekamal kadhai,mirror work, kutch work etc. in short.. you name it .... she knows it.She is a famous lady aroud the place for her craft.
Here is a picture of smt Megha marathe in blue saree holding my little daughter ,  sitting is my mother in red saree.

Out of need my mother started classes in Bijapur in the early 80s. I was about 9 years then and was verymuch fascinated towards the colourful threads,paints,brushes,..I felt   the joy of making your own dress cannot be expressed in words.I remember helping my mother do the kutch work bed sheet with simple hand embroidery in 1982  .-1983... I was around 7 years then.You can Imagine my love towards the craft.By my 8th standard vacations... i.e.by 1989 I had mastered the kutch work embroidery and also learnt fabric  and glass paintings.My mother never discouraged me from doing these activities, neither did she push me to keep on studying all the time... Now I wonder.. how beautiful were those days. :)
My mother has always been like a friend in my life.However as the sanskrit saying goes...
जननी  जन्म भूमिश्च   स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी ....meaning ...Mother and Birth Land are greater than Heaven..
I dedicate my blogs to these wonderful women in my life! 

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